Sally Hurst

Since childhood Sally Hurst has been fascinated and amazed by the intricacy
and beauty of the natural world. Her paintings can be seen as formal
representations of nature's infinite diversity and are conceived as a means
of illuminating complexity through simplicity.

Her self-styled conception of 'immediart' focuses on discovering the
defining line at the heart of a complex image. Using a carefully chosen
palette of complementary colours her paintings are realised with an almost
obsessive precision.

Her influences include Dali for perfection, Leger for simplicity and
Lichenstein for immediacy, as well as many comic book artists. Her wish is
for her pictures to give pleasure.

Sally Hurst was born in London in 1972 and in 1996 she graduated from the
University of Hertfordshire with a Bachelor of Education degree, having
majored in art and drama. She also produces sculptures, many of which have
been used for book cover artwork. Several of these are displayed in her

You can contact the artist through this site and can buy original paintings,
limited edition prints and cards.

Working under Bo:K (as in bouquet), Sally Hurst is also available for
original commissions.

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